MUCK-SUCK 20ish Lake Path Run Cancelled

Muck-Suck is a charity event supporting myTEAM TRIUMPH - Wisconsin Chapter (mTT), a human service organization that enriches the lives of those with diverse abilities through a teamwork approach of endurance athletics. The Wisconsin Chapter is one of 30+ chapters of the international organization. mTT brings people of diverse abilities together to train for and participate in road races and triathlons of all different distances.

From the start of planning, our goal was to provide a safe and community enriching experience for all involved and to use the event to educate the public about the path. As the event neared, a group of residents expressed opposition to the use of the path for our event. Their main concern was that the event could damage the historic path. We worked tirelessly with residents and public officials to explore ways we could continue with the event.

Due to these growing concerns, we believe the best solution will be to cancel the event. However, we are still planning on hosting a celebration in Elm (Library Park) at 11am on Sunday, May 28th to educate the public about the mission of myTEAM TRIUMPH and the programs we offer to enrich the lives of people with diverse abilities in the Lake Geneva area. Free food and refreshments from Simple Cafe will be available to all who attend!

We at myTEAM TRIUMPH apologize to all who have registered for the event as well as Lake Geneva area residents who had concerns. Through this process, we have learned of the vastly differing opinions of how the lake path can be used. It is our hope that this situation prompts local residents to come together for a broad and inclusive conversation about the path usage.

We would like to thank our sponsors, public officials and Lake Geneva residents for their support

Along with our apologies we will be offering refunds to all participants who would like one and inviting them to come to our celebration

For more information, or to schedule an interview contact:

Christian Jensen
Executive Director
myTEAM TRIUMPH Wisconsin



May 28, 2017
Lake Geneva, WI

  • Muck-Suck


This event, named after a Potawatomi Chief, is a 20ish mile running event on the shore path around Geneva Lake.

Did You Know? Before being renamed Lake Geneva, the city used to be named “Muck-Suck” as well!



Well, do it and you’ll find out! Just kidding – we’ll give you as much info as we can here. Muck-Suck is a 20-ish mile adventure run on the shore path of Lake Geneva. We say 20-ish because there isn’t an exact measurement and this isn’t a race for you if you’re looking to qualify, place first or take yourself too seriously. It’s crazy, it’s fun, it’s an adventure! The course is beautiful and it’s a great time to get a group of friends together and spend a weekend in Lake Geneva!

A little bit about the course. It’s not all lovely, paved Shorepath that will be easy to run on. There are rocks, roots, grass, brick and hills. Nothing about the course is constant, but that’s what makes it an adventure. One thing is for sure - your miles will fly by.

Run the course as a solo runner or a relay team up to four. Gather your friends, family, co-workers – whoever is adventurous enough to do this with you! If you choose to tackle solo, you can ignore this. Relay people, listen up!

Each runner will run one leg, ranging from 2.5-8.8 miles, depending on which leg you take. Each leg is different and has its own advantages and challenges. We’ll give you as much info as we can about each leg so you can assign runners as you wish. Only one runner is on the course at a time.

At each exchange point, you will tag out and hand your wristband to the next runner and they’re off! Once you’ve completed your leg, hop in the car with your teammates and head to the next exchange point to cheer your runner on. Make noise, be loud, heck, wear a costume! Make sure your team stands out and knows you’re waiting for them at each exchange point.

The Muck-Suck 20-ish is right for you if you and your friends are up for a good time with a heck of a party afterwards. You can choose how competitive you’d like to be. We suggest you not taking it too seriously. This course is about the beauty. Take in the views, be careful on your path and enjoy the Muck-Suck 20ish!

*Please note that the lake path travels through private property of lake homeowners. Participants are required to stay on the path and off of private property at all times during the event.

Start And Finish

Elm Park, 918 W. Main Street, Lake Geneva

Time Limit

5 hours

Packet Pickup

Saturday, May 27
11:00 AM - 7:00PM
Clear Water Outdoor, 744 W. Main Street, Lake Geneva


Available at the start/finish in Elm Park and at each exchange point


Parking will be available at each leg of the event. There is metered parking directly in front of Library Park. Free parking is also available on side streets. Parking meters can be paid by credit card and replenished via smart phones

Course Map


Leg Distances

Leg 1: 6.82 LEG 1 MAP
Leg 2: 3.68 LEG 2 MAP
Leg 3: 8.4 LEG 3 MAP
Leg 4: 2.45 LEG 4 MAP

Post Event Party

Elm Park
from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.


All participants will receive a Muck-Suck medal and quarter zip pullover!


Register to Run Solo

$70 until March 5th
$80 until April 26th
$90 until Event Day


Register to Run the Relay

$180 until March 5th
$200 until April 26th
$220 until Event Day